Timing Belt Service and Maintenance

An incredibly critical part of keeping your vehicle well maintained and running is the timing belt. In fact, allowing the timing belt to snap can lead to thousands of dollars in damage and repairs, including replacing your whole engine, in a worst-case scenario.

A vehicles crankshaft and camshaft are controlled by the timing belt. It keeps your engine running by turning them at the same time and at the appropriate speed. Most cars will recommend in the owner’s manual that the timing belt be replaced between 60,000 and 100,000 miles.

If you are having trouble starting your vehicle, it may be a sign that your belt needs replacement. Also, seeing any visual signs of wear such as fraying, as well as any high-pitched sounds from under your hood, as also signs you need to replace your timing belt. Here at Monroeville Kia, we look forward to servicing your timing belt, as well as any other of your vehicle’s service needs.

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