Why a Car's Engine May Overheat

Car owners should always keep track of their vehicle's systems in order to avoid long-term problems. When you stay on top of your engine, in particular, you stand to reduce all types of damage throughout the car's life.

One potential reason for an engine overheating is extreme temperature changes. Your engine is designed to run between 195- and 220-degrees Fahrenheit. When your coolant reaches 225 degrees, it will start to boil, which will exacerbate the issue. Make sure that you use the appropriate blend ratios and avoid pushing your vehicle too hard. In the most extreme cases, when the engine is allowed to overheat this much, the damage to the vehicle may become permanent.

If there are deeper engine issues, you need experts to take a look. Contact the professionals at your local Monroeville Kia in Monroeville, PA to learn more about some of your available options!

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