See Better at Night After Cleaning Your Car's Headlamps

Imagine that you're driving after dark, but you can't see because your headlights aren't bright enough. You could blame the manufacturer, but it might also be foggy headlights. If there's a yellow film over the top of them, it's not just unsightly. Actually, it can reduce the amount of light that your headlights produce. But there are a few techniques that you can use to take the yellow oxidation off of them so that you can see better in the dark.

Sandpaper is one technique, although it can be tricky. The general idea is to take course sandpaper to remove most of the oxidation and any scratches. Then, you'll use finer sandpaper to smooth it out. You have to be very careful with this method, though, because you can also scratch the plastic.

Applying bug spray with Deet is another method. It's very effective, but you need to be careful because it can also damage your car's paint.

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