When Mice Play

Although it doesn't seem like it would be a practical place, your car can be a welcoming environment for rodents. Mice can often get underneath the hood of your car and chew the wires. They can also get inside your glovebox, chewing on papers and other materials to make a nest.

While living in Monroeville, PA, keep trash and debris out of your vehicle. Try to keep grassy areas cleared around your vehicle as well. Avoid putting a trash can of any kind near your car as this can attract mice. They can then get inside your vehicle because it's a warm and comfortable place to nest.

Keep rodents from nibbling on wires under your hood by putting mesh around them. You can also put mesh material across the grille of your vehicle and over any holes that could allow rodents to get inside. While at Monroeville Kia, someone can apply materials to your vehicle to keep rodents out as well.

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