Which Connections Will You Make with Infotainment Systems?

An infotainment system in a modern vehicle includes a high-resolution LCD monitor with a touch-screen menu. Monroeville Kia in Monroeville, PA offers various models that have GPS navigation systems and other popular technological amenities.

Luxurious trims might have touchpads and other electronic controls near the cup holders and shifting lever. Affordable models usually have hard buttons and knobs that are linked to the infotainment unit. You can also use natural voice commands to request directions or accomplish other tasks while having your hands on the steering wheel. Wireless Bluetooth technology further enhances your options for hands-free interaction with the multimedia system.

An advanced infotainment console is connected to live traffic services that supplement the guidance from a built-in navigation software. You can also use external apps to find the best routes for your trip. For example, Waze and Google Maps could be readily imported into the home screen of a multimedia platform.

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