Prevent Unexpected Engine Damage With Timing Belt Maintenance

Modern cars driven in Monroeville, PA are equipped with hundreds of engine components that must work together fluidly. Cranks, levers, and pistons must be timed together in order to produce motion. Though an engine is complex, much of the job of making components work together is performed by a timing belt.

Timing belts, sometimes called serpentine belts, snake across a variety of external gears. They are made from a tough rubber that often includes strong internal threads. Correct tension in the timing belt helps key engine components operate at a correct rate. If a timing belt loses its integrity, the engine can become subject to a great deal of damage.

Detecting a worn timing belt is fairly simple. Keep track of how many miles have been driven with a single belt. Typically, timing belts should be replaced every 60,000 miles. Uneven color, cracked underside belt tracks, and frayed edges are also ways to tell if a new belt is needed. If your belt is hot after driving, this could indicate that it is stretched. A professional at Monroeville Kia can spot a belt that needs to be changed.

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