Wiper Blade Replacement Isn't the Chore You Might Think It Is

One of the most popular questions we get at Monroeville Kia is how often drivers should change their windshield wiper blades. We often tell them that it's hard to set a specific time frame because it depends on a few factors. Those who only drive in Monroeville, PA might see different wear patterns than those who drive all over the country because of varying amounts of rain and different road conditions.

Over time, the rubber elements in a blade break down due to oxidation and other types of damage. This makes it stiff and brittle. Unfortunately, the fact that it's hard to predict when this is going to happen makes some people put it off. However, changing the blades is very easy and may take only a few minutes.

Inspect your blades regularly, especially if you've noticed any issues with them. When performance and visibility start to suffer, it's time to replace them.

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