How Do You Deal with Pet Hair in a Car?

Pets represent the beloved four-legged members of our families. We don't like to leave them home all the time, so we take them with us on our travels. An unfortunate drawback to the companionship is the pet hairs left behind in the car. Don't fret too much. Follow some common tips to deal with pet hair.

A small amount of static electricity could pick up pet hairs. Where can you get a mild amount of static? Amazingly, rubbing an inflated balloon over the seating delivers one way.

Traditional spraying and wiping - and wiping with rubber gloves - presents results. Wiping and spraying do require some help from a vacuum. Be sure the attachments on the vacuum are the right ones. Rubber bristled brush attachments are highly beneficial to the cause.

Do you have a problem more serious than pet hair in the car? Bring it to the service department at Monroeville Kia in Monroeville, PA where one of our mechanics can take a look.

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