Monroeville Kia Yes Plan

At Monroeville Kia, we know you have choices when it comes to getting a new vehicle. And there are many factors to consider when making your decision -- price, quality, selection, and customer service to name a few -- that's why we're adding even MORE VALUE to our vehicles so that doing business with Monroeville Kia becomes even easier.

Every new and used vehicle Monroeville Kia offers comes with our MONROEVILLE Kia YES PLAN, which provides you with over $2000 in services, discounts and reimbursements on things you may likely need sometime down the road, like windshield repair, towing services, body shop work, and more. We believe Monroeville Kia offers the very best value, service and quality in the automotive business and it's why we want you to be our customer for life. So, while other dealers may say they want your business, only Monroeville Kia rewards you for it.

Trip Planning Service 
Credit Card Registration Service
Hotel Accommodations in the Bahamas
(4 Nights)

Hotel Accommodations in Florida
(4 Nights - 3 Days)

Hotel Accommodations in Las Vegas
(3 Nights - 2 Days)

Trip Interruptions Reimbursment

Road Service Reimbursement
Ambulance Reimbursement

Customer Appreciation Awards

The Monroeville Kia Yes Plan!

You can buy a car anywhere, but it's only here that you can get a MONROEVILLE Kia CAR! It's our way of saying, "Thanks for your business...we truly appreciate it." 

 Emergency Lock-Out

If locksmith services are required for the covered vehicle, a reimbursement will be issued up to $25 per occurrence (maximum of $50)

 Road Service Reimbursement

If services such as delivery of gasoline or a battery boost are needed, a reimbursement will be issued for $25 per occurrence (maximum of $200)

 Towing Reimbursement

If the covered vehicle is disabled and needs to be towed, a reimbursement will be issued up to $50 per occurrence (maximum of $200)

Trip Interruptions

If the covered vehicle should break down more than 100 miles from the covered individual's residence, a reimbursement will be issued for food & lodging up to $50 per day (maximum of 6 days)

 Credit Card Registration

When credit cards that are registered with us are lost or stole, we will notify the credit card companies and have new cards issued. Thereby saving the covered individual valuable time and effort.

 Ambulance Reimbursement 

We will reimburse you up to $100.00 per occurrence if you or your spouse are involved in a vehicle accident or collision and requre ambulance services (maximum of $200.00)
 Trip Planning Service

A trip planning service that will provide assistance for ground travel in the United States. Includes a routing map, information pertinent to the area and general road travel information.
Vacation Benefits

3 great vacation packages to choose from:
Las Vegas (3 days and 2 night)
Central Florida (4 days and 3 nights) or
The Bahamas (4 nights)